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A successful year for our Housing Apprentices

A year has flown by since our Housing Apprentices, Lauren and Jess joined us.

Both have had work experience with several teams across the customer and community department here at Adra. This means that they are placed within one service for six months at a time, before moving on to the next. They have been part of the teams, been trained and have contributed to the work.

Both have been working hard to complete a professional qualification in ‘Certificate in Housing (CIH) Level 2’, and it is a pleasure to confirm that both have now achieved it.

They will now have the opportunity to work towards a Level 3 qualification.

This is what Lauren and Jess, our Housing Apprentices, had to say about the specific scheme they have been part of here in Adra.

“I have enjoyed every moment of working with the different departments and completing CIH level 2! I’m looking forward to the future within Adra”

“I have enjoyed the experiences and the different practical roles I have undertaken”

The Housing Apprentice scheme was introduced back in 2018 by the Business Development Team at Adra.

This Housing Apprenticeship scheme is interwoven with Adra’s employment and skills programme, Academi Adra.

Academi Adra’s intention when it was launched in March 2021 was to support more than 60 people to develop new skills and access job opportunities across north Wales by 2022.

Academi Adra focuses on developing skills and expanding employability options through apprenticeships, work placements, graduate placements and training schemes.

Academi Adra’s scheme has helped 70 people from north Wales, our tenants and some who are not our tenants, to take advantage of training and work experience. 29 have been supported with apprenticeships, 31 to access training and 8 with paid work experience. 12 have also been supported into work with us here at Adra or our contractors.

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