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Keep an eye on vulnerable neighbours

The winter months is unpleasant for everyone, but for your vulnerable neighbours it can mean more than just having to defrost the car and turning the heating up a bit.

Vulnerable people can struggle in a variety of ways during the winter months; they are more susceptible to illnesses and might find it difficult to go about their daily routine if there is ice or snow on the ground.

Maybe they are not capable of preparing themselves a hot meal or staying warm due to high heating bills or immobility. Looking after those vulnerable members of our community is easier if we know a bit about the dangers they might face, and how we can help. The first step is getting to know your vulnerable neighbours and take note of their routines and lifestyle.

  • Do they live alone?
  • Have a lot of visitors?
  • Have a carer who comes in?
  • Do they have issues with mobility, or are they still quite active?

All of these things will contribute to their quality of life, and it is those who live alone and have no visitors that aren’t able to get out and about who might need your support most during the winter months.

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