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What is the Renting Homes Act Wales? housing law is changing (Renting Homes) – 15 July 2022

What is the Renting Homes Act Wales?

  • In 2016, the Senedd passed the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 with the aim of making it simpler and easier for landlords and tenants to rent a home in Wales.  
  • It introduces many changes to tenancy laws and will apply to both social and private rented sectors.  

When will it happen? 

  • This will happen from  15t  July 2022 onwards. 

What’s the purpose of the Renting Home Act?

  • Simplifies agreements and improves the condition of rental homes in Wales 
  • Offers greater security and certainty to tenants and landlords 

Who does it affect?

  • All Landlords – private and social 
  • All Tenants – private and social 

Why is it happening?

  • To make it simpler and easier for landlords and tenants to rent a home in Wales.  

What is changing?

  • New terminology will be used e.g. Tenancy agreement will be know as an Occupation Contract and Tenant as Contract Holder  
  • Tenancy Agreements will be replaced by Occupation Contracts 
  • Increase security – 6 months’ notice will need to be given as long as the contract is not breached. 
  • All properties must be safe – such as working smoke alarms and electrical safety testing. 
  • A fair and consistent approach to anti-social behaviour. 
  • Increase Succession rights to pass on your home. 
  • Contract Holder can be added or removed without the need to end the contract. 
  • Landlords will be able to repossess Abandoned properties without a court order 

What does it mean for me as a tenant? 

  • Simplify and improve your rights as a tenant.  
  • Improve how landlords manage rented homes in Wales 

How will it affect me? 

  • Existing tenants will receive a contract within 6 months of the 15th of July replacing your Tenancy Agreement. 
  • New tenants after the 15th of July will sign the new contract in the usual way and will receive a copy within 14 days.  
  • Contracts offer you a greater security and certainty.  

Is it going to cost me money or have an effect on my rent?

  • No, this has no effect on your rent or cost you any money. 

What do I need to do? / Is there anything I need to do? 

  • The only thing you will need to do is read your contract and familiarise yourself with your rights and responsibilities.

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