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Thankyou message from one of our customers

It is so nice to receive positive messages from our customers.

We are very pleased when we receive messages from customers who have really needed our help and support and who have been in a vulnerable situation. We pride ourselves on looking after and supporting our customers.

This is a message received by Kathleen Hughes, our Supportive Housing Officer here at Adra. Kath gave support to one of our customers moving house, and got a grant to get white goods such as a fridge for the customer.

This is the message we received:

“I have been meaning to contact you as I want to say thank you very much for everything you have done for me over the last few weeks.

Everything you said you would do, you have followed through withyour kindness and support, I couldn’t have done this without you.

My white goods arrived today and I love them. I couldn’t be more grateful than I am right now. I am grateful for your support and kindness towards me.”

If you are an Adra tenant or customer and find things difficult or need support or assistance, you can contact us on 0300 123 8084 or email and members of the customer service centre team can refer you to tenancy support or complete a form on your behalf.

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