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Two opportunities for two brothers

Giving opportunities to young people from our communities to develop a career is very important to us. There is so much local talent, it’s important that we make the most of it. 

We are very proud to have been able to offer unique opportunities to two brothers from Llanrug recently. 

One was Jac Thomas. Jac has been studying an Software Engineering degree course at John Moores University, Liverpool and a 12 month work placement is part of his course. Following an interview Jac was accepted as a TGCH Business Systems Trainee with us for a year. He has had the opportunity to work with our TGCH team and contribute to the company’s work as well as develop his skills. 

“I have learned so many useful skills over the past year, from software development skills to my Welsh communication skills. It has been an amazing experience. Can’t wait to go back to finish my degree and use all the things I’ve learned. I would like to thank everyone at Adra, especially the ICT Team for all your help and support. I really hope there will be an opportunity for me to return to Adra one day in the future.” 

Opportunities through Academi Adra

We are a company with many different roles. There are several career paths to be found with us, from supporting people to plumbing. While Jac has had experience with our ICT team developing software with apps, his brother Huw has had a completely different experience with our Repairs Team. 

Huw joined through an Academi Adra scheme to support individuals to work within the construction industry. He was given qualifications such as a CSCS card to go on building sites and health and safety courses about working at height. Before proceeding to work with our Repair Team. 

We have over 150 members in our Repair Team. Their work varies from fixing problems in homes such as a broken toilet to re-making whole houses ready for a new family. Huw had an overview of this work during his time with us. Before going on to get another two weeks of experience through North Wales Training. 

“Thank you very much to Adra Academy for the opportunity, it has been an eye-opener to see the different jobs there are in Trwsio. There are many options in Adra for someone with a trade, who knows they might be able to get a job here one day after finishing College” 

So there we have it, two brothers having two completely different work experiences within one company. Nurturing young talent like Huw and Jac is extremely important for the area. If you would like a similar opportunity – keep an eye out for opportunities with Academi Adra.  

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