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Your Opinions

Every year we contact around 1400 customers to ask your opinions about our services. Here is a summary of your feedback for the year 2021/22.

Overall, we are glad to receive such positive feedback about our services. But we do know that there is room for us to continue to improve. Over the next year we will be looking at the customer journey using our various services and reviewing deadlines to complete repairs in your homes.

We’ll invest in our existing housing stock – more on this on page 7. We will also work with tenants to carry out reviews, starting with the cleaning service in communal areas. The purpose of the reviews will be to look at how the service is now and to see if there is room to improve or to do things differently. The results will be published on our

Listening and acting

Geraint Jones, Neighbourhood Services Manager said:

“Through the surveys, we received feedback from customers who did not feel as though we were adequately contacting them about the progress of their anti-social behaviour case. To respond to this, we have introduced ‘prompts’ within our systems that ensure the officer contacts the customer at least fortnightly to provide an update on their case, whether or not there are any developments to report . Because of this the customer satisfaction for keeping in touch regarding their case has increased from 68% to 93%”

Your words about our services:

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